Board game review: Bears vs Babies

29 Mar 2018
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If you choose to provoke the babies, you could get eaten up unless you got a really strong monster on hand. Hasan al Lawati has fun with the violent babes and vicious monsters

A monster-building card fun from the creators of Exploding Kittens, this colourful game for two-to-four players lets, as described by its makers, you build monstrous bears who devour horrible babies.

The game is played over rounds where each player is allowed to perform a number of actions, mainly to build and beef up monsters with arms, legs and torsos.

By connecting more cards to a monster head, you create funny sentences and more powerful characters.

There are three types of monsters in the game: the land, sky and sea mosters. The same goes for the babies.

When your monster is strong enough, you, or any other player, can provoke the baby army.

If your numbered monster cards are higher than the babies’, you eat them. If not, they kill your monster.

When the deck is finished, the player who has the most number of babies wins the game.

Bears VS Babies is one of the funniest party games that I have ever played. However, the game is highly based on luck and fails to cause any fights among players.

But it is also one of the few games that offer random comic moments that leave you with a giggle even when losing.

However, the game is no fun when played with two players.

The packaging, on the other hand, is cool. The fluffy box is made of brown fur resembling that of a bear and the artwork, similar to Exploding Kittens, is hilarious.

The game was first introduced on where 85,581 backers pledged $3,215,679 to help bring the project to life.

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