Be the superwoman

25 Mar 2018
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It’s not beyond you, but you need to mind a few things. Take an inspiring look!

 You don’t need to spend hours in the gym or starve yourselves to get in the right shape you have always dreamed of. It’s all a matter of getting a few things right, and sticking to the right things.

  • Eat your food on time. Eat the right food at the right time. Over a period of time, eating late will make you prone to various diseases.
  • Make sure you get your daily dose of iron and folic acid. Let the iron woman in you come out. They help your body produce red blood cells and help in the proper working of your nerves and muscles. Make sure to include leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, chicken and beans in your daily diet.
  • Calcium helps you to fortify your bones. As women age there is a tendency to lose calcium leading to issues like arthritis and osteoporosis. For maintaining a good level of calcium, include milk, curds and eggs in your diet.
  • Physical exercise is very important even during your busiest days. Even half an hour of exercise is good.
  • Cardio workouts are a must to maintain your heart health. If you don’t have time, at least make sure you use the stairs and not the lifts.
  • Recharge yourself by getting some “me time”. Make sure you make time for yourselves to do something you like. This will boost your energy levels.

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