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Amiantit Oman signs with Ali Al Habsi as their brand ambassador

Oman’s football superstar Ali Al Habsi will be the brand ambassador of Amiantit Oman Co. LLC, one of Oman’s leading pipe manufacturing companies.

The nation’s beloved hero will be seen in a new campaign, conceptualized by Havas Muscat, which will soon be aired on the brand’s social media platforms. Signing up Oman’s favorite footballer, Ali Al Habsi, as their brand ambassador was a deliberate move by Amiantit Oman, and for good reason. The former captain and long serving stalwart of the Oman national team, is a household name in the country, and the region. Similarly, even Amiantit Oman has over the years created a very strong client base across all sectors of industry like retail, residential, commercial, hospitals and industrial, in the region.

As a brand that continues to strive in the development and betterment of Oman’s infrastructure, Amiantit Oman’s recent venture into the arena of PPR pipes and fittings, should not come as a surprise. With a firm background knowledge, as they launch the entire gamut of quality PPR pipes and fittings, they decided to take Ali Al Habsi on board to further establish themselves as a force to be reckoned with.

Amiantit Oman has always been at the forefront of producing variety of diverse and innovative products that appeal to the Omani consumer. The fact that its fort-shaped water tank is a symbol of recognition to any eye that has roamed over Oman’s landscape and community is a testimony to their success and the trust that their brand has garnered over time. Since both the names are representative of trust, integrity and strength to Omanis, the association between the two made this matrimony a perfect combination.

“Ali Al Habsi is most loved by all for being a public figure who influences Oman’s youngsters and fans in the right way due to his inspirational ideals. And that is why he is perfect for us,” said a beaming Mr. G.L Banerjee, CEO, Amiantit Oman Co. LLC. “It makes complete sense to have such a reliable and revered personality as the face of Amiantit Oman,” he added.

“It is an honor for me to team up with a name like Amiantit Oman that I have been familiar with from the time I was a child. As Omanis, our fathers knew and trusted Amiantit products and it is like a legacy that has been passed down to this generation. The brand has made itself relevant then by being the pioneers in their field, and continues to prove its worth to this day,” said Ali Al Habsi.