Amazing almonds

08 Mar 2018
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Make room for them on you snack shelf — just a handful of these super nutritious nuts could stimulate your brain and help reduce weight, writes Gayathri Das

Almonds are rich in protein, vitamin, magnesium fibre and essential amino acids. They also provide calcium, phosphorus, iron and healthy fats. Though a super food, you shouldn’t make the mistake of overeating them as they are calorie and fat rich.

Almonds improve your memory and thinking skills if taken on a regular basis. They are a major source of zinc which protects the brain cells from free radicals. Almonds increase one’s alertness and help in the protein metabolism process which is necessary for the repair of the brain cells.

Lose weight

Yes, you read it right. Almonds help you shed that extra pounds. The high fibre and protein in almonds help you feel full and thus reduce your unnecessary cravings for junk food. The vitamin B complex and zinc in almonds help control sugar cravings. According to research, people who had 1.5 ounce of almonds a day for weeks did not have any significant weight gain. It is the best munch during any diet programme.

Healthy birthing

Pregnant women should make sure to add almonds to their diet as they reduce the chance of birth defects. The high amount of folic acid in almonds helps healthy growth of cells and tissue formation. It also strengthens bones. A good massage with almond oil on babies helps strengthen their bones.

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