5 steps you can take to ensure a happy working environment

29 Mar 2018
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Recent statistics show that more people in Oman are suffering from depression. Workplace disgusts are driving employees into depression and drugs. Here are some expert tips to prevent yourself from falling into a mental issue at your workplace.

1. Engage in meaningful (in-person) dialogue

When you make the effort to connect with your team members in person — individually and as a group — you’re establishing a position of caring that motivates individuals in all sorts of crazy-good ways.

2. Show your appreciation

One of the biggest complaints from employees is that they don’t feel appreciated. The second someone gives us a “nice job” or “you made a difference on this project”, we feel like we matter in a way that gives our work a sense of purpose.

3. Listen to everyone’s ideas

Your entire team has great ideas. They’re in the trenches all day, bringing their own experience and perspectives to the part of the project they’re focused on.

4. Trust your team members

This is a harder rule to practise for some more than others. So try to default to the assumption that your team is made up of adult, responsibility-taking, competent workers that don’t need to be treated like children.

5. Be spontaneous and have a little fun

Everyone wants to have fun at work — even though everyone defines “fun” a little differently. Still, if you can keep the previous four tips in action, then fun—or a sense of enjoyment and being able to be yourself at work—becomes a more natural part of everyone’s job.

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