Omani writer Abdulaziz al Jahdhami is making literary waves

28 Feb 2018
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If you are confused, going through a bad patch or crying out ‘why it happened to me’, just grab, for free, the Fuel of Life. Alvin Thomas sits down with the writer to learn how to decipher life’s mysteries and seize your opportunity

Hope is the basis of life.” That is the motto which my Coffee with Y interviewee lives by.

His name is Abdulaziz al Jahdhami, and on any other day he fulfils the preeminent title of ‘corporate communication manager’ of the prestigious Al Mouj Muscat. But for our interview, he set aside all his priorities and was sitting beside me as a writer – and with a gift in his hand: a book written by him.

Titled the ‘Fuel of Life’, the book showcases the Omani writer’s thoughts and beliefs through a medium that is less preferred by those in this generation. But there’s no doubt that Abdulaziz’s book has struck the right chord with those who are seeking self-help and whirling through tough times.

“I’m a firm believer that whatever happens to me will be an experience and there will be a lesson behind it. What inspired me to write a book is the different experiences I faced from the time I was an undergraduate at Sultan Qaboos University (SQU),” says Abdulaziz with a smile.

“Many of these experiences have impacted me in a way to change my personality.”

He reminisces about his early days: “When I joined SQU, I was a different person. I was a quiet and shy person who wasn’t involved in student activities. As time passed by, however, I soon learned that it was a place to change my personality. So, I enrolled myself in the English and Translation Society.”

That, Abdulaziz says, is when he realised that he was heading towards his goals. Following his graduation, he became a teacher in an Omani school where he served students for three years.

But in a bid to explore wider horizons, he headed into the media industry in 2008 to become an English writer, and soon landed a job in a newspaper.

“Those two years was the foundation to become a writer. But I enjoyed my time as a writer – it promotes your emotions and creativity.”

Two years later, he shifted his career path into corporate communications and digital media.

Talking about his book, he says: “My interest to write about this topic is partly because of my interest in creative writing and because I learned to reflect on past events.

“Who knows, maybe someone will discover themselves and discover something they didn’t know about themselves.

“When people come across challenges in life, they ask themselves if it is a bad luck or a curse. But, so many experiences can be turned around for your benefit.

“I have personally experienced this and there have been moments where I was about to cry. But things have changed for the better since then. All thanks to Allah – whatever happens to us, there is a lesson attached to it, and sooner or later, you will be able to achieve your goal. When hope dies, another one arises from the deepest corners of life. That’s my principle.”

This is also the basis of his book, which is currently on display and sale at the Muscat International Book Fair 2018.

“One of the best articles is the one I also won an award for. It’s titled: ‘The dream of a blue-collar man’. It came into existence one day when I was heading to work and saw one of the labourers who was sincerely working.

“That’s when I thought that there is no difference between me or him. He is doing his job and I am doing mine. No one is better than the other – and we all complement each other.

“This is also a verse from the Holy Book of Quran. In short, everyone has their own abilities and is given different opportunities. But we have grab it – and that’s what changes your destiny. Everyone has dreams and ambitions. The important thing is that you must believe in your dream. Only then will it
come true.”

And never cry over spilt milk. “Opportunities will come and go, but it’s not necessary that you can grab each of them. You must begin to accept that opportunities aren’t lost at all. They’re just lessons for you to step into success.”

Abdulaziz’s book, which is a compilation of several stories, focuses on matters of nationalism, hard work and determination, hope, love for one another, and how to approach life with positivity and your head held high.

The book is available for purchase at the book fair, but Abdulaziz is on a mission to distribute them for free.

“At the end of the day, if I can touch one heart, I can say that I have succeeded in my goal.”

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