US government shuts down for second time in three weeks

09 Feb 2018
POSTED BY Y Magazine

The government of the United States of America shut down on Friday for the second time in three weeks.

Funding for the federal government lapsed at midnight eastern time after Kentucky Republican Rand Paul stalled a Senate vote on a far-reaching budget agreement to fund the government through 22 March while also eliminating caps on government spending and suspending the debt ceiling for the year.

The shutdown was expected to last only a few hours, giving the Senate and the House time to pass the 600-page, half-trillion dollar funding bill.

As the clock neared midnight, opposition to the deal appeared to be growing in the House, with lawmakers on either side of the political spectrum voicing objections.

The Senate voted early Friday morning, before sending the bill to the House where its future was less certain. It approved the legislation by a bipartisan majority of 71-28.

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