Top Game Releases of February 2018

07 Feb 2018
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After braving a round of horror and delivering knockout blows, Alvin Thomas sets out to hunt monsters to define the boundaries of good, great and phenomenal gameplay in February

The Inpatient

We’ve been impatient to play The Inpatient (got the pun?) ever since the day developer Supermassive Games and publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment revealed their plans to release a psychological horror prequel to the much-loved Until Dawn series. The result is a virtual-reality game that not only showcases slick graphics but also an intriguing storyline. Yes, it suffers from the usual VR effect, by which we mean that the game is too short and the controls can get a bit tricky. Nevertheless, it’s a great game to indulge in – and perhaps even freak yourself out with.

EA Sports UFC 3

We’re usually not enthralled by games featuring wrestlers or MMA stars, but UFC 3 is too good a game to ignore. Dare we say: It’s the best fighting/sports game we’ve played in a really long time. During our time behind the gamepad, we found the controls to be as smooth as butter and the physics engine to be quite accommodating to mistakes. Albeit, it’s the greatness of the in-game characters that sets this apart from other titles like WWE 2K18. Buy this game because it’s good and not because you follow MMA.

Monster Hunter: World

There are good games and then there are great games. Monster Hunter: World is neither; in fact, it’s what we would term a phenomenal game. The story is simple: it focusses on a hunter that is tasked to hunt down and trap or kill monsters that roam the face of earth. And while it’s a recipe that has been hackneyed, it works very well here, and more so thanks to the truly striking graphical interface. The game ekes out the processing power of the PC and console to produce truly unbelievable images on the screen. And it had us asking ourselves if we were indeed playing the best adventure game ever made. To answer that, however, we’d have to wait until we finish playing it.

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