Top 3 free games for PS4

22 Feb 2018
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Three free-to-play games good enough for the beginner as well as the geek. Alvin Thomas tries his hand at combat, investigation and warfare — all in a day’s work

1) Skyforge

MMO (massively multiplayer online) games are an acquired taste. But if you’re looking to begin gaming online, start with Skyforge. It’s a free game with a fantastic gaming physics that is accentuated by a combat system that incorporates combos that lets you chain together attacks and skills to perform some mind-boggling moves.
There are 14 (the game is based on a class system) levels that you can unlock or, if you prefer, you can stick with the starter classes which are non-taxing too. However, if you’re worried about investing hours in a class that you don’t like, you can switch to another one. This makes it perfect for anyone looking for a versatile game with much to explore. Oh, and you play the role of an immortal with incredible powers, battling to protect the world from armies of hostile gods – and eventually perhaps become a god yourself.

2) Life is Strange, Episode 1

No self-proclaimed geek can call themself a gamer without giving Life is Strange a shot. No, seriously! It’s one of the best graphic adventure titles on PlayStation and there’s much to love about the game. The story revolves around the gifted protagonist Max and her friend Chloe, using their powers to investigate the disappearance of their friend Rachel Amber. You’ll see – and learn – a lot as you progress, and it should keep you hooked for a good four hours. The game also has multiple endings, so you can redo the mission again. Keep in mind that the publishers are only making Episode 1 available for free.

3) World of Tanks

Fast-paced tactical warfare games are all the rage now. But if you, like me, are into slow, strategic sneaky warfare, then you must download the World of Tanks. This historical shooter enables 30 online players to split into two groups and then battle until death. Teamwork and sly moves will determine whether you make it to the end or not. But keep in mind that you will be handling some of the most advanced tanks (from mid-1900s to 2017) in the business, so you’ll find yourself learning the controls as you proceed through the game. Tank enthusiasts will have a lot to ogle at.

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