Saving grace

04 Feb 2018
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How to save money still leading a well-balanced, stress-free, happy life

A few rules in life could bring a change to your savings. You do not need a magic wand for your extra savings. You can save money from your monthly salary.

First and foremost, avoid stress. Lots of studies have proved stress causes extra spending and people with relaxed brains spend less.

Keep a part of your salary as your saving and then plan your expense with the balance amount.

Ask questions to yourself before spending. This will stop you from your extravagance. Try saving at least 20 per cent of your income. Avoid using your credit cards. That will tempt you to spend more than the actuals.

It is always better to open a new savings account and make sure you do not withdraw money from that account. You need not take an ATM card for the same so that you are not tempted to spend from that account.

Make sure you settle your monthly expenses like insurance, electricity bill, phone bill and school fees so that you are not stressed at the end of the month to make these payments.

So, go ahead and start your extra savings and have a relaxed life ahead.

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