Lip-smacking smoothies

04 Feb 2018
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Yummy, healthy fruity-veggie smoothies kids will love to sip without fuss

Kids should have fruits and vegetables to complete their nutrition. Give them these yummy, healthy smoothies and provide them with complete nutrition.

Beetroot is a good source of fibre, vitamin C, iron and magnesium. For this vitamin-rich smoothie, you will require two grated beetroot, one peeled apple and 30g of blueberry and grated ginger.

Blend these into a smooth mixture and add water to adjust consistency.


Oranges are an excellent supply of vitamin C and carrots are rich in vitamin A, vitamin B6 and dietary fibre. Combine these nutritious ingredients to make a stomach-filling orange carrot smoothie.

You will require two oranges peeled and unseeded,1/4th to ½ cup grated carrot,2 tablespoon cashew and 1 cup coconut water. Blend all these ingredients to make a smooth mixture and serve immediately or you will end up in having a sour smoothie.

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