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21 Feb 2018
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Whether he or she is introverted or extroverted, right-handed or left-handed, just don’t push them to change their natural preferences.

There are two categories of children: the introverts and the extroverts. Introverted kids form a shell around them. They avoid being around people. They will be successful in completing their tasks when left alone. They have great internal strengths. But they should not be categorised as shy.

Extroverted kids love to be around people. They are active when there is a third person. Presence of other people gives them energy. They will be fun loving and good leaders.

Problems begin when parents try to force their introverted child to become extroverted. They tend to push the child which could create anxiety and confusion in them.

First, parents should identify their child’s personality. They should give them space and should not push them into the other category.

Hand preference

Then there is the issue of hand preference. A majority of children are right-handed. Parents tend to show an anxiety when their child is left-handed.

If a child has a dominant right hand, it will have dominant left brain. Such children will be good at logical thinking, reasoning, critical thinking and will be systematic.

Left-handers will be right brain dominant. They will be imaginative and will have out-of-the-box thinking capacity. They will be highly creative They won’t be able to follow too many rules.

If you force a left-hander to be a right-hander, you will be suppressing the child’s inborn talent and that will have impact on the child’s mental development.

Instead of trying to change their basic traits make sure you support their natural skills and talents. You need not send your child for personality development sessions: their best mentors are the parents themselves.

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