Grow it yourself

12 Feb 2018
POSTED BY Y Magazine

Chemicals-free vegetables in the kitchen straight from your backyard! It actually takes not much effort or space

Want fresh, chemicals-free vegetables grown by you in your own backyard? You will start enjoying vegetables when you make the effort to grow them. By planting vegetables in pots, you will enjoy consuming the fresh, sun-kissed tomatoes.

First, decide on what you are going to plant. Keep in mind how much vegetables your family will need. Carrot, tomatoes, green chilli and spinach are among the most commonly grown vegetables at home.

It’s always better to start small. Grow vegetables in containers, making use of the space available even in a small balcony. Make sure your vegetables get at least six-to-eight hours of direct sunlight to protect them from fungi and insects.

Make sure you plant the vegetables in good soil which consists of compost or peat moss. You should provide them with the right amount of water. Too much of water will spoil the plant.

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