Good Sport

07 Feb 2018
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Alvin Thomas sports four top gadgets — from muscle simulator to smartphone, thermometer and headphones — that could get you off the sofa and sweat it out: better engaged, more discreet and smartly connected


Injuries are part and parcel of sports. There’s only so much abuse one’s body can take before the muscles – and other tissues and organs – give in. And if muscle is the one bearing the brunt of the force, then it’s inevitable that you’ll end up injuring yourself. But that’s where the PowerDot comes in handy: it uses electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to activate the muscle fibres so that you can get stronger and recover faster. It works via an app on your phone (duh!), which lets you control your workouts. You can even target a specific muscle using the pods. Buy this gadget for RO148 from

Personalised Listening

Technology is revolutionising the way we do things – and let’s face it: listening to music has only become easier thanks to the invention of compact headphones. But – apart from sound quality – not much has changed since then… until now. This gadget, Nuraphones, is one of the most innovative headphones you can currently buy. It can automatically learn and adapt to one’s hearing and personalise the sound accordingly. To accomplish that, it has a self-learning engine that measures your hearing (in about a minute or so) by monitoring optoacoustic emissions and then using it to sonically adapt the sound to match your hearing. Gimmick? We think not. Available at

Jack of all trades

Toilet paper, military radio systems, minicomputers and phones: These are just a list of things the folks at Nokia have – at some point in their 153 years of existence – specialised in. Of course, today, they’re known for producing smartphones, but hear this: the company is now rolling out a “connected” thermometer. Like every other thermometer in the planet, the Nokia Health Thermo helps you keep track of your body temperature. But there’s more to it than that. The device comes with 16 infrared sensors that can take up to 4,000 measurements for an accurate reading. What’s more is that you can also keep tab of all the different readings you’ve taken in the Nokia Health app. Buy it from


Power packed


All right! So, this isn’t a health gadget but the Huawei P10 Greenery definitely looks like it belongs in the hands of a health-conscious hippie. The device comes with a light green metal back that gives it a distinct look. But don’t for a second think that this limited-edition gadget is all show and no go. It comes packing a large 1080p 5.1-inch wide display, a Huawei Kirin 960 chipset that is powered by an octa-core CPU, and a Mali-G71 MP8 GPU. You also get the bells and whistles of the standard variant – like the ultra-fast fingerprint scanner and Leica 20-megapixel monochrome and 12-megapixel RGB dual-cameras with F2.2 aperture. Just looking at this thing makes our heart beat faster – and that’s a good thing, right? Buy it for about RO184 from SharafDG

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