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22 Feb 2018
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Gorgeous because of the obvious class, premium because they redefine the class. Alvin Thomas checks out some pricey, premier options

The Glass Effect

All right, so this contraption may look like a modular table lamp of sorts, but you’d be surprised to learn that there’s more to it than just that. It’s the Sony Glass Sound Speaker and it does everything its name suggests, and more. The newly developed technology is designed to deliver audio with the utmost clarity and authenticity using a glass tube tweeter and actuators. These sources will then vibrate the organic glass – which in turn delivers the sound. There’s no wastage of space either; there’s an LED inside that shines soft light when required. Think of it as a speaker with multiple functions. But then again, at RO308 that’s expected. Buy it from amazon.com

X marks the spot

There’s no doubt that the Apple iPhone X is a technological tour de force in the smartphone industry. Face ID, OLED Retina display and a bezel-less body are among a host of things that are touted as a start of things to come from the tech conglomerate’s stables in the coming years. Apart from all that, you also get a 12-megapixel (dual) rear camera, a 5.8-inch display, the amazing 64-bit A11 Bionic chip and an M11 motion co-processor. If you thought that was it, you’d be wrong. The geeks at Apple will also throw in an optional 256gigs of storage for your needs. It’s a bit pricey but even Android fans are envious of this device. Buy it from roumaan.com for RO429

On the Surface

Let’s get the elephant out of the room: The Microsoft Surface is excruciatingly expensive to buy. But if your pockets are stashed with cash then don’t hesitate to splurge on one of these Microsoft Surface Studios. It may look like an iMac but the design is sleeker. Where it shines is in versatility. You can use the device as a computer or even a tablet depending on your requirements. The internal specifications are great too: You will get a sixth generation Intel i5 with 8Gigs of RAM, and a 1TB hard drive. Also included in the box are a Surface Pen and a three-month trial of Adobe Creative Cloud Photograph. Get it for RO1,154 from microsoft.com


A Touch of Metal

Fender, best known for its musical instruments, is now foraging into the world of portable listening. This Fender Newport Bluetooth Speaker dons a classic design but packs the latest tech underneath. The range stands at 33 feet and the device can also pack about 12 hours of music playback per charge. Furthermore, You can charge your energy-hungry smartphone using a charging cable. Despite its strong points, however, we cannot take our eyes off the gorgeous classic ’68 Custom amplifier look, complete with the protective speaker grille, witch-hat knobs, amp jewel and control labels. Buy this for RO77 from amazon.com

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