Expat government doctors can work in private hospitals in Oman

19 Feb 2018
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 The Ministry of Health has announced that certain expat doctors working in the government hospitals can now work in private hospitals.

Doctors, including certain expats such as senior consultants working in public institutions, can now work in private medical facilities, according to a new ministerial decision No. 29/2018 by the Ministry of Health.

“The Minister of Health Dr. Ahmed Al Saidi has issued a ministerial decision on regulations for doctors working in public medical sector to be able to work in private medical institutions during unofficial working hours,” the ministry said.

The previous ministerial decision No.151/2015 limited the number of days for Senior Omani consultants working in the public sector to work in the private sector to three days a week, while for Omani consultants a maximum of two days.

Article 2 of the regulation states that: “It is not allowed for doctors that work in the government sector to work in private medical institution without obtaining a permit.”

 “It is possible for non-Omani doctors that work as either first consultants or consultant, to receive permits on condition that the minister approves of it,” according to Article 3 of the regulation.

The permit lasts for a year and can be renewed 30 days before it expires.



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