Colour your home the right way

21 Feb 2018
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Colour could make or break your house. The right shades in the right places will brighten up your mood, dreams and motivations. Try out these tips.

  1. If your house is spacious and big enough with a high ceiling with plenty of natural lighting, you need not worry. You have an option to choose any colour. But if your house is less spacious with less natural lighting, do not use dark shades on walls. Well, if you desperately want your favourite dark colour, make sure you apply it in a very small area of the house. Remember, too many colours make you bored. The apt colours for walls are white, off white, beige and cream.
  2. Think how you will use your space and the feel you want in each room. For example, for kid’s room it can be yellow, blue, etc. as that room will be filled with energy. If you are using a room for meditation, make sure you don’t use warm colours there. Instead, go for grey, light green, etc. to make your mind calm.
  3. Do not use more than three colours in a room. Once the colours have been decided upon, make sure the artefacts you buy will blend with the selected colours. Or the room will look cluttered. You can use shades of the same colour too. Evenly distribute the different colours in your home.

So, go ahead and deck out your home this weekend.

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