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28 Feb 2018
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The spirit of camaraderie and competition witnessed at the Beaconhouse International Student Convention was a sight that made everyone proud — of the students and the brave new world they would usher in

Two-hundred students from schools based in five countries representing 28 nations: Those were the golden numbers that headlined the third series of the Beaconhouse International Student Convention (BISC) unfolded in Oman.

The atmosphere was electrifying when Beaconhouse students from as far as Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines and Pakistan converged on Muscat to take part in events that promoted inter-culture understanding, camaraderie and sportsmanship.

The event was held on February 20 and 21 at the Sultan Qaboos Sports Stadium in Muscat – but that’s just the final rounds. The initial selection rounds began weeks ago when thousands of Beaconhouse students worldwide participated in activities in their home countries to qualify for the BISC.

The BISC 2018 featured a slew of activities and competitions that covered a wide range of fields, from sports and athletics to science, technology, the visual and performing arts, and even filmmaking.

The grand convention began with a colourful torch-bearing ceremony – like you’d normally see in the Olympics.

The torch was ignited by students who were representing their nations at the event, and it was a sight to behold.

All contingents from the five countries exhibited intense passion and enthusiasm to be part of the multi-cultural event as evidenced by the corridors which were roaring with chants and excitement.

“Here in the Beaconhouse, we always strive to do better than the best. That’s the reason why we soar high each day with every challenge we undertake. BISC gave us the wings to fly higher with consistent team effort and spirit,” said Sana Ali, the coordinator of
BSS Primary.

The event comprised adrenaline-fuelled competitions which included basketball, futsal, table tennis and swimming and athletics, as participants gave it their all in the name of glory and noble sportsman spirit.

There were also a variety of extracurricular activities which reflected the ambit of 21st century learning, including a BISC-Talks panel discussion, which was judged by Rajendran Verma, Somar Saleh and Roshni Joy.

The BISC Idol singing challenge was challenged by Mariyam Cherian, Y’s Art Director Matthew Herbst, Thanae Pachiyannaki and Merge 104.8’s Programme Director Chris Fisher.

A BISC Film Festival was also held to seek out the budding film makers from the schools. Matthew Herbst, Y’s editor Nishad Padiyarath and Osama Dawood judged the event.

“The talents of these children are spellbinding,” said Nishad Padiyarath. “I loved how they took a concept, stuck to it and then recreated it on video. Movie making is a gracious art form and the children are already en route to glory.”

Apart from these events, a BISQUIZ Show (quiz show), BISCLICK (photography competition), BISC Exploratorium (science competition) and BISC Biennale (art competition) were held.

The event was streamed live on for people around the world.

The BISC 2018 was inaugurated by Chief Executive of Beaconhouse Kasim Kasuri and  Director of UMISAA (UNESCO Madanjeet Singh Institute for South Asian Arts) Prof. Salima Hashmi.

“The very first time we heard about hosting an event called BISC, it was all so vague and unimaginable. But as time passed on, ideas turned into discussions and discussions into execution. We could forsee ourselves as being a part of a very big picture.

Almost 5 months of planning and practising led us into a hugely successful event. Kudos to team Muscat for proving once again that nothing is impossible if we put our hearts and minds to it,” told primary school teacher Sonia Narula.

The event was supported by Oman’s Ministry of Education and Oman Air, and several other sponsors.

“Each one has gone the extra mile to give nothing but the Best. The mantra “team work is dream work” is the success story behind BISC 2018 Muscat,” said Baneen Saifee, the Digital Educator of the school, before she went on to thank the organising team and principal Zeba Masood for their support. ν

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