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7 ways to look slim

Looking trim is a matter of working up the illusion, highlights and right stripes even when you are on the hefty side

You need not be upset in the way your mirror reflects you if you are on the plump side. Follow these fashion tricks and trick your mirror.

1. Make sure your pants give out an illusion of long legs. Always choose a pair of pants that makes you look tall and not the other way.

2. Opt for dark colours than light colours as they have the ability to cut down two to three inches of your actual size.

3. Avoid using A-line clothes as they might highlight your extra pounds and make you look shapeless.

4. Everyone has their own assets. Highlight your assets. If you have long legs or arms highlight them so that your flaw points remain unattended.

5. Go for flowy clothes than choosing clingy clothes. Clingy clothes highlight your plump nature and flowy clothes help you in hiding them.

6. Pointed shoes give you added benefits to give you the slim look.

7. Avoid clothes with horizontal stripes and go for vertical ones. That helps you to give a slimmer look.

So go forward and look your best.