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04 Feb 2018
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Clean, clutter-less home will add sparkle to your life all the time

The first step to a clean home is to make your bed first thing in the morning.

Next comes stuffed toys which bring a lot of clutter to your house. You can use the stuffed toys organiser bean bag which can carry up to 90 stuffed toys.

Next task is removing the dishes from your dishwasher and keeping it in place or you will end up in piling your vessels which is demotivating when you get into the kitchen. Frequently clean your kitchen slab so that it’s neat 24/7. Your bathroom countertop must be clutter-free all the time.

Make sure you do one load of laundry every day. This prevents building up of laundry. Your floor is an area which has to be clean round the clock.

Organise your shoes in a way where your daily use ones are easily available.

Another item that creates a lot of mess at home is the unattended bills. If it’s junk let it go to the trash and file the bills which are paid on a weekly basis.

So, go forward and keep your home sparkling and welcoming all the time.

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