20-minute trick

12 Feb 2018
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If you are pressed for time, it’s simply about planning your workout —a healthy body and mind is a matter of just a few minutes!

Do you find it difficult to set aside time to do exercise due to your tight schedule? Do you struggle for time to hit the gym? Don’t worry!

All you need is just 20 minutes a day. You don’t need equipment to do this, so you can find these 20 minutes just about anywhere, anytime of your day or night. This will keep you active and strong.

You can always combine workouts as per your body requirements. You can do core exercises or only cardio workouts. Everything depends on your determination. You can divide your workouts like below:

• Sunday: Upper body workout
• Monday: Core exercises
• Tuesday: Lower body workouts
• Wednesday: Upper body workout
• Thursday: Core exercises
• Friday: Lower body workout
• Saturday: Relax

The goal is to keep your body active at least for 20 minutes every day. This will gradually increase your stamina and you will find it easy to increase your exercise time gradually. Always make sure you warm up before your workout and cool down after your workout.

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