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30 Nov 2017
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Augmented reality resurges through the Glass and virtual reality gets enhanced with Batman even as you could get charged like the Iron Man or get hooked to the Wonder Woman. Alvin Thomas emerges excited from reality scrutiny.

Wonder Woman

There’s no doubt that Wonder Woman is all the rage now. I’m not sure if it is because of the newly released movie or just the effect of the wondrous Gal Gadot. But, I can tell you that there’s quite a lot of merchandise bleeding into the market currently. This Wonder Woman-themed headphone from Amazonian Sound is one of them, and it certainly looks its part. The device comes packing a 40mm driver that produces excellent bass and treble. It’s also quite robust for its size. Wonder Woman would say: “You don’t just wear this, you wield it.” Buy this from thinkgeek.com for RO9.5

Cyborg Vision

Let’s get the obvious out of the way: Google glasses flopped. But, I still maintain that it is the closest we can get to being cyborgs without actually transplanting a head – or doing some thingamajig like that. Nevertheless, augmented reality continues to live on with the Glass Enterprise & Streye. As its name suggests, however, you’re only limited to looking at work presentations, other multimedia and, perhaps, cat videos on YouTube. Still, it can shoot images with its 5MP camera and save it to the in-built 32GB ROM. The display resolution is still at a tacky 720p but we’ll forgive Streye for that. Oh, and before I forget, Google is working on a newer version of its very own glasses; so stay tuned. Buy these for an excruciating RO657 from store.streye.com

Suit Up

Tony Stark’s Iron Man has to be one of the most invincible android superheroes of all time. But, as you all know, his enervation lies in the fact that he needs to charge his iron suit to keep fighting all the baddies. Similarly, even my phone needs a good charge every four hours, and that’s where the Iron Man Mark V Armor Suitcase Mobile Fuel Cell comes handy. In the traditional sense, it’s not really a fuel cell (!) but rather a lithium ion battery. It packs about 12,000mAh of power, which should be able to recharge your iPhone X five times. There’s also two separate USB ports for your devices. Above all, the device looks like something Tony would carry to a meeting at the Stark Enterprises. Get it for RO38.4 from thinkgeek.comcom


How cool would it be to see Gotham through the eyes of Batman? Pretty darn cool, I suppose. Either way, here’s a chance for you to experience this; using the VRSE Batman VR headset. The box comes with a traditional-looking virtual reality headset but with Batman logos engraved into the front. You also get a batarang-style controller to simulate the movements in the game. The only downside is that the graphics of the game is mediocre – as it is still premature. Apart from that, the storyline and the physics engine are on point, making this a worthy purchase. Buy it for RO9.58 from amazon.com

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