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Stroke risk rises in Oman owing to unhealthy lifestyle: Minister of Health

Stroke cases are on the rise in Oman, and people of all age-groups are affected.

The rising number of stroke cases among all groups in Oman has become a major concern, according to the Minister of Health.

Speaking to Y Magazine on the sidelines of a signing ceremony, Dr Ahmed Mohammed Obaid al Saidi urged people to modify their lifestyle to reduce heart diseases. 

 “We can modify our lifestyle to prevent 40 per cent of these. When I say modifying lifestyle, I mean diet, exercise and stopping. Health is ultimately the responsibility of the individual,” he explained. 

According to reports, the Central Stroke Unit receives on average two cases per day which means a total of 14 cases per week and 56 cases per month and around 672 cases per year.

“In the Sultanate – like the rest of the region – unfortunately NCD (non-communicable diseases) like diabetes, cancer, heart disease and strokes have become the major causes of death,” the Minister added.