Oman tourism: New LED lights change the face of beach road in Shatti al Qurum

19 Nov 2017
POSTED BY Y Magazine

Eighty-four new LED lights have been installed as a part of the Sultanate’s new energy saving measure.

The beach road in Qurum has received a thorough facelift after new LED lights were installed across the 1.kms long stretch of road. These lights – which are 84 in number – are set as a part of the beautification project of the Al Shatti street, and in the process also set the ball rolling in the Sultanate’s aim to switch to energy-saving lights throughout the country.


As a part of this, the underlying beach is also being illuminated with dark-blue LED lights.

Shyam, a bystander seen taking photos of the beach, said: “These lights make the beach look angelic. The dark blue hues really accentuate the waves and also give a feeling that the entire region is moving along with the water.

“This should bring more people into the area,” says our source at the Muscat Municipality, who believes that more people are expected to visit the Beach Road and the cafes and restaurants in the vicinity.

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