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Oman Technology: Cheap and Cheerful

For less than RO250 you could have four trendy, useful products: a personal assistant, earphones, a writing board and a portable laptop. And that sure is a real bargain, says Alvin Thomas.

The right call

Isn’t it infuriating when your brand new, expensive set of earphones break after a month of use? But fret not, because one Chinese company is on a mission to make quality earphones at budget prices. The MXStudio Earbuds with Mic are a relatively inexpensive set of headphones for music enthusiasts who don’t want to worry about damaging or losing an expensive pair. The device produces excellent bass and mid-tones, but also offers users features such as noise-cancellation and a built-in microphone. What’s amazing is that all of this is bundled into a package that costs only RO7.7. Order yours from Amazon.com

Dashing Assistant

There’s nothing more annoying than spending hundreds of Riyals for a personal assistant gadget and having to leave it back home when you go out shopping. Well, there’s an answer to all your first-world woes: The Amazon Dash Wand. The device is as big as a flash drive and should fit right into your pocket. Apart from being handy, the device is Alexa-enabled, so you can ask it questions, search online and even stream music (using external speakers). The party piece of the Dash Wand, however, is its ability to scan barcodes. This means you can carry it around and scan prices of goods without having to use the scanners fitted in supermarkets. It’s also water-resistant, durable and magnetic (so you can stick it on your fridge). Buy it from amazon.com for RO7.7

Note it

Leave notes for your friends or family, or simply doodle images using this tablet. Not only is this 10-inch wide writing board inexpensive, but it is also light and easy to use. Dubbed the Sarki LCD Tablet, the device’s screen comprises durable plastic materials and is pressure-sensitive; you can create lines with different thicknesses based on how hard you push, just like using a pen and paper. There’s also a built-in lock and key to keep your important messages, notes and drawings safe. This, coupled with the fact that the screen will last for more than 100,000 drawings, makes this the bargain of the decade. Buy it from amazon.com for RO7.7



How cool would it be to have a laptop that fit right into your pocket? Well, it’s a dream no more, as Lanruo – a new startup firm – has released one of the world’s first ultra-portable laptops. In reality, the Lanruo GPD takes portable to whole new level; it weighs a mere 480g and has a small 7-inch-wide screen (!) But, the most mind-blowing feature is that it runs Windows 10, and packs a 1.6Ghz Intel Atom processor, supported by 4 gigs of RAM. While the specs may not be too opulent, the supporting SSD hard drive and the low-resolution screen paves way for a slicker interface. It’s the perfect gadget for professionals on the move. Buy it for RO223 from amazon.com