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23 Nov 2017
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Happiness is what we seek time and again but find only now and then. The key to enjoy sustained happiness involves starting from the inside.

What is happiness? We can say happiness is this or that, but in terms of life, your life energies are happening in a more exuberant way than it normally happens,” according to yogi, visionary, and thought leader Sadhguru.

Although children are naturally happy with things as simple as an empty box or a bucket of sand and some water, the cost of happiness increases in adulthood, Sadhguru explains. Many adults find that their happiness depends on outside forces, such as relying on someone else, obtaining something else, or engaging in additional activities.

“Everybody has been happy, but the problem is they’re not able to maintain it,” Sadhguru notes.

“All this effort of life, everything that you did — education, career, business, family, whatever you did — was in pursuit of happiness. Everything that humanity has done on this planet is in pursuit of happiness,” he observes. But these factors can be seen as externally rather than internally driven. By contrast, another way to achieve sustained, long-term happiness involves starting from the inside. Sadhguru’s latest book, “Inner Engineering” offers guidance on how to achieve long-term happiness by focusing on yourself. The role of an Isha yoga practice, as outlined by Sadhguru, is one element in the process of developing sustained happiness.

Isha yoga can help individuals develop happiness from within by building confidence and health.

According to a recent survey of 536 adults who practised Isha yoga, 98 per cent reported improved mental clarity, 94 per cent reported improved inner peace, and 92 per cent reported improved emotional balance.

In addition, the Inner Engineering course “helps you put your life on self-start so you become in charge of your happiness, joy, and peace,” according to Sadhguru.

The course includes guidance on how to manage all aspects of one’s being: mind, body, emotions, and “the fundamental life energy within.”

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