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Oman health: Go gaga over yoga

Don’t you love to regain your physical strength, refresh your mind and rebuild the whole of yourself? The way forward is yoga. Grab your mat and begin a new life, says Dr Saumyamol Chacko, a bachelor of naturopathy and yogic sciences 

Yoga is an ancient science developed in India during the Vedic age. It is highly effective in the prevention, treatment and cure of diseases. Yoga creates a union of the body, the mind and the soul and thereby helps one to attain physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Application of yoga in the modern day

According to yogic scriptures, our body is divided into five sheaths or koshas. A harmonious balance between them results in perfect health. An imbalance or negative interactions in them destroys health and brings in diseases. Therefore, regular practice of yogic techniques will help not only to prevent diseases but also to treat and cure them.

Benefits of yoga

The health benefits achieved with regular practice of yoga are innumerable. A few are listed below for a better understanding of the importance of yoga:

λ Yoga helps to build a healthy body with flexible and toned muscles, strong bones and an attractive physical appearance.

λ Yoga strengthens the immune system of the body and thereby keeps many of the diseases away.

λ Certain yogic practices like kriyas, pranayama, etc. help to eliminate toxins accumulated in the body.

λ Yogic asanas (postures) help to improve the flexibility, balance, coordination and the beauty of the body.

λ Lifestyle diseases like obesity, diabetes, hypertension, asthma, back pain, varicosity, sciatica, thyroid dysfunction, spondylosis, etc. can easily be prevented as well as managed with yogic practices.

λ Female disorders like infertility, PCODs, menstrual problems, etc. can be corrected with yoga.

λ Practices like dharana and dhyana play on the mental and emotional state of the body and help to balance them.

λ Yogic techniques like pranayama and prathyahara will help in the management of stress, anxiety, depression, tension, sleeping problems, etc.

λ The breathing exercises, relaxation techniques and meditation will surely boost the mental and emotional health of a person.

λ Kids who do yoga regularly can have a boosted memory, better learning skills and understanding capacity, which help them concentrate well in their activities.

λ Yoga, unlike other exercises, will help to maintain the youthful vigour of the body even as the age progresses.

Yoga is a vast subject; it can hardly be discussed in a brief way. The advantages obtained from regular yogic practices are vast. It can be better understood if one starts the practice of yoga and has a personal experience of it.

Yoga should always be mastered from a well-versed and trained practitioner. It is not only a form of exercise but a way of life that will offer physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual benefits – but doing it the wrong way can land one in pain and trouble.