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02 Nov 2017
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Wrestling is fake and shouldn’t be tried at home. Now that I have got the facts straight, let me talk you through the latest in wrestling games – the WWE 2K18 game from the stables of WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment).

And you know what? It is the most realism I have ever seen from a professional “wrestler” or a wrestling match in an arena. With over 170 wrestling superstars (a record in fighting titles) WWE 2K18 brings to the table a game that not only gives you an opportunity to experience life from inside the wrestling ring but also offers you an insight into the training regime of several amateur and professional wrestlers.

That’s right, the game is more than just puffed-up men and women going at it against each other in a less-than-secure square ring; it also has a tantalizing storyline – one that you can craft from scratch.

For that, you must select the solo campaign (MyCareer), which will allow you to pick your character, or create one from scratch, and take him or her to the top of the ranks.

To do that, however, you must master the craft of wrestling, play mind games on your opponents, (more often than not) turn your back on friendly wrestlers, and work through the politics of the WWE board members; it’s the whole package.

I also enjoyed the post-match intervals wherein you can freely roam the WWE training facilities and make small talk with a number of superstars, make friends or even customise your wrestler.

Sadly, the conversation topics are limited and are almost like you would find in an old smartphone game, I must confess.

Still, walking around and witnessing wrestlers like John Cena and Seth Rollins do promotions for their matches is intriguing.

Of course, if you’re just looking to have fun, you can also choose from a variety of stars and head straight into battle with them. But be aware: it will take time to get to grips with the controls if you’re playing this game for the first time. But a couple of matches should have you right in
the zone.

The graphics and the physics engine of the game, sadly, is a drag. There’s no sense of an enhancement from the games of yesteryears, and frankly, it just doesn’t make nous for a game designed in 2017.

Annoyingly, and for some odd reason, all bodyguards look like actor Ben Affleck (!)… and wear aviators.

On the upside, though, the lighting in the arena and the ring is superb, and the character illustration is bang on. Intricate details, like stretch marks, wrestling wounds and surgery scars are also on point; it’s almost unbelievable.

The focus of the game then is clearly on the stars. Despite its many cracks and flaws, however, WWE 2K18 still manages to please its target audience; youngsters.

It may not be the most sophisticated game out there, but then again, it isn’t originally based on rocket science, is it? Seven on 10, in my books.

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