Oman Game Review: Need for Speed Payback

08 Nov 2017
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The new NFS series builds on nostalgia and expectation with high-stake heists, intense chases and tonnes of variety. Alvin Thomas gets ready to drift, flip and take down The House.

All right, folks! It’s time for Payback; Need For Speed style. The much-awaited game from the NFS series is hitting the shelves in Oman soon. The campaign mode (or story mode) in the arcade-style racing game will allow you to take on the roles of three characters – Tyler the Racer, Mac the Showman, and Jess the Wheelman.

The storyline goes something like this: the three of you are furious with The House – which is a cartel that runs the criminal underworld of the fictional city of Fortune Valley – and join hands to take those within the union down.

In true Need for Speed – or shall I say Fast and Furious – fashion, you get a handful of “intense heist missions, high-stake car battles, epic cop pursuits and jaw-dropping set pieces”. If the previous editions of the game (Need for Speed 2014) are something to go by, then prepare yourself for a movie, too.

I wish they’d keep Aaron Paul and ditch the others, though.What else do we know? Well, we are aware that the game will feature a 24-hour day/night cycle, and will focus solely on “action driving”. The game will also take place in the fictitious city of Fortune Valley (which is presumably in the US), and will focus on the city’s problem with the underworld mafia.

Tune in for the full review in the coming weeks.

Info Box

Initial release date: November 10 

Developer: Ghost Games

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Genre:  Racing video game

Designer: Riley Cooper

PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

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