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Oman fashion: Winter kids

Looking for something to keep your small hero warm indoors? Is he a fan of dinosaurs? Then how about this printed jersey from H&M that is, in one word, cool? Add it to your shopping list. Buy it at RO5.

We are just a few weeks away from Christmas and adding some Christmas colours to your child’s wardrobe may not be a bad idea, like this bright red sweater from Monsoon. Shop it now at RO9.

Casual yet smart, warm yet stylish, this pair of slim denim jeans from H&M is very comfortable, especially if he wants to run around with his friends. Shop it at just RO5.

First question, do they make these for adults too? Because we are absolutely loving it. It is all the three Fs — Fun, Fashionable and Fabulous! Shop these joggers with applique from H&M at RO8.

We know Halloween is over, but that’s not a reason not to dress your kid as a chic Batman of Muscat. This trapper hat from GAP Kids is sure to keep him warm too. Buy it at RO10.

Turn your kid into a warm burrito in this soft quilted parka with (faux) fur-rimmed hood from ZARA. It’s soft, easy, comfortable, stylish and we are sure your kid will just love it. Buy it at RO33.

No matter what we tell kids, they will run around making us run behind them — kids be kids. So, give them something easy, light and fashion forward, like these corduroy boots from ZARA, available at only RO18.