Oman Beauty: Secrets to Skin Care

30 Nov 2017
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Flaky face. Chapped lips. Cracked heels. Rough elbows. Dry hands. What a bummer. Skin concern is a big issue. Despite what season it is, we want our skin to look flawless.

Unfortunately, winter takes a toll on our skin. No matter how hard we try, it doesn’t cooperate with us. As winter approaches, we have to get ready to winter-proof our skin. When the air outside gets cool and dry, the humidity level drops and, therefore, the water in our skin evaporates more quickly. As a result, we face itchy, flaky and tight dry skin which leads to various other irritating issues.

The most affected part of our body is our face.  But, thankfully, it is easily treatable. The simplest moisturising products can smooth dry skin in just a click of your fingers. Here are the creams to invest in right now:

Let’s start off with a household must have. An oldie but a goodie, Vaseline petroleum jelly makes a great moisturiser and is easily available. It comes cheap but gives that instant million-rial glow. It will help heal dry skin deep down for fast relief from itchy dryness this winter. Besides the face, it can be used on lips, heels and elbows. Shop it at your nearest supermarket for just 0.500 baisas.

Wanna get fancy and radiant? Well then Givenchy’s Rich Luminescence is the right one for you. It keeps dry flaky patches at bay all day, leaving you with a well-plumed look. Wow, isn’t this just what we need this season? Buy it from Salam Store for RO34.7

Strengthen your skin’s moisture barrier by locking it in for an all-day hydration. The Body Shop Vitamin E moisture cream has a plumping hyaluronic acid with a wheatgerm oil formula. Light weight and easily absorbed, the cream hydrates the skin, leaving it smooth and fresh. Apply, sit back and relax, let the Vitamin E do its thing and look replenished from the night before. Shop it from The Body Shop for just RO8.1.

When we hear aloe vera the first thing comes to mind is hydration. Boots Simply Sensitive hydrating moisturiser with aloe vera is hypo allergenic and dermatologist tested for sensitive skin. It is fragrance free and makes the skin smoothly refreshing and silky. A great value for its price because nothing beats a quenched and nourished happy skin. Buy at Boots for RO2.2.

A super thirsty skin needs nothing but Clarins Hydra-Essential Silky Cream. It restores comfort and kicks away dullness and uneven texture. It is noncomedogenic and soothes redness, irritations and tightness. A one-stop perfect treatment for problematic skin, the cream gives a perfect velvety finish look which we all need this winter for a ready-set-go glow. Buy it from Salam Stores for RO28.4.

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