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23 Nov 2017
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Josef Fares is at it again. The latest co-op has engaging situations full of challenging variations with two convicts working hand in hand. Alvin Thomas gets ready for quirky pursuits.

Remember the 2013 game ‘Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons’? It’s a game that I believe to have brought along a wind of change in multiplayer gaming. With its intriguing storyline and strong character bonding, it has to be – till date – the most enthralling action-adventure multiplayer game to be released on a gaming console.

Kudos to the creator Josef Fares for that. Next year, however, we will witness the release of Fares’ latest game; A Way Out.

I’m not sure if it will be a sequel of Naiee and Naia (protagonists of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons) but my guess is that the character line will be completely revamped from last time.

The game is said to instead focus on the tale of two convicted prisoners who must work hand in hand to break free from prison and run from the authorities. As usual, the players can control either characters, and make use of each other’s skills to make the escape easier.

For instance, during one of the prison escape scenes, a player needs to distract a guard, while another has to find a tool to aid their prearranged escape.

These roles are not fixed, though, so either player can swap the role around. Both characters will also have stories that will play out simultaneously on-screen; even if one character is in a cut-scene, players can still control the other.

Moreover, you can reportedly interact with many non-playable characters, and there are dialogue options for players to choose from. All of this smells a bit like the plotline from Splinter Cell: Double Agent, but I just hope that the game will bring in some new and interesting elements like its predecessor did.

Still, producers EA Originals do mention that there’s an online version of the game, if the players require it.

A Way Out will launch in early 2018. The game is being developed by Hazelight, Fares’ new production studio.

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Initial release date:

Q1, 2018


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PS4, Xbox one, Microsoft windows

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