Destination Oman: Go swimming at Muscat’s Fins Beach

01 Nov 2017
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My long adventures to the outskirts of Oman continued for another week, and this time it’s to one of my all-time favourite beaches – Fins Beach.

White sands, blue waters and a landscape that resembled that of the island of Saint Helena (which is a British Overseas Territory) aside, there’s a certain sense of inimitability that the beach retained over other locales in the Sultanate.

That’s also the reason why visited the beach for a third time (!)

I started off, as always, for the beach early in the morning, 4:30am to be precise. To get to the beach from Muscat, you must stick to Route 17 and continue until you see the signboards to Fins. The trip should take just two hours, but I took it slow and spent nearly three hours cruising around.

Unlike last time, I was also travelling alone so I could take things at my own pace. However, I must tell you that it’s best to travel to the beach with a group of friends, as Fins beach has nothing much to offer for lone wolves (like me).

Upon reaching the beach, I could tell that I was lucky. The sands of the beach were usually always occupied by campers and adventurists, but being there early I was able to pick spots of my choice.

I quickly settled down with my camera gear, portable chair and my essentials (drinking water, chips, bread and so on). It was then that I realised that I wasn’t alone; I was amidst some friendly companions from the wilderness.

No, I’m not talking about humans. They were flamingos who were flocking the beach like they owned the waters.

Because I was alone, I didn’t feel like getting too close to them. They may seem very peaceful, but I didn’t want to be pecked by an angry bird. So, I did what any cautious photographer would do: I snapped on the zoom lens to my Nikon D300 and started clicking away.

Unlike those pesky eagles – and other common birds found in the Sultanate – flamingos are more laid back. They seemed to be more in line of spending time with their companions and relaxing in the waters on one leg.

I then followed the tracks of the birds all the way to the shore. It was there that I came to grips with the beauty of the beach. The sandy and pebble-covered setting is perfect for escaping the busy and bustling life of the city.

I decided to take a dip in the waters to cool off. Oh, but don’t get me wrong, the day was incredibly cool and the temperatures were hovering around 25°C.

My decision to jump into the water was to simply cool off from the daily stresses of work. And that was exactly what happened. All my stresses seemed to melt into the blue waters.

I guess that’s what nature does to you: it takes away your stresses and gives you a fresh outlook on life. And this is my advice to all: if you ever find yourself to be reeling from the pains or struggles of life, simply head as far as you can from the city. This will instantly kick in positive thoughts.

By then it was already past noon. The weekenders had already started flowing in with their SUVs and noisy mates, so I made sure to head back home.

But I assured myself that this wasn’t my last trip to the beach. I may have spent days camping on the sands of Fins (for the story on that, refer to the issue dated December 28,  2016), but there’s always something new to look at. Last time, it was the starry night sky and this time it was the flamingos. I wonder what will lie in store for me the next time around. I’m eager and, frankly, quite excited. 

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