Listen to this Canadian biker’s life-defining experience in Oman

22 Nov 2017
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Getting stranded in the middle of nowhere was unspeakable horror for a solo woman biker, but two Omani strangers turned her nightmare into an ‘incredible gift’. Hasan al Lawati listens to a Canadian life-defining experience

Getting stranded on the road can be a nightmare in many parts of the world. You are a soft target for thieves, bad weather and dehydration. And solo travellers are more prone to get into such tough, unpleasant and dangerous situations than others.

But this Canadian tourist had an eye-opening experience when her bike broke down in a remote area during one of her adventurous rides in Oman.

Biker and vlogger Rosie Gabrielle was deeply moved when two Omani strangers offered her help after her motorcycle malfunctioned in the middle of nowhere on Masirah island.

The two men not only fixed her bike but also offered her food and juice, leaving Gabrielle with moist eyes and an unforgettable story, which she described as an “incredible gift”, to share with the world.

“I’ve lived my whole life for this moment!” the adventurer said.

She filmed the story and, on September 19, uploaded it on YouTube. In less than two months, the video crossed 81,000 views.

The eight-minute video documented the whole story from when she lost control of her motorbike until the two men said goodbye to her after taking a beautiful selfie.

“Their character and kindness warmed my heart and overjoyed me. I felt as though I had lived my entire life for this moment here,” she said.

“All the struggles and challenges in my life have brought me to this point where I can go out there and document the incredible kindness of strangers.”

Gabrielle is not happy with the way some western media stereotype the Middle East.

“The world does not get to see this.  The negative image the media and some countries paint of Muslims and the Arab region upsets me terribly. I want the world to know the truth, that these people are just PEOPLE, and not only that, but some of the kindest people I have ever met,” she stressed.

“These days in the west, people are hardened, afraid, and close minded. They become too consumed with selfishness and fear and forget what living is all about: connection. There is a huge disconnect in the world. I did not feel this when I was in Oman,” Gabrielle added.

Gabrielle lived and worked in Oman for nearly nine years.

“I only just decided to ride a motorcycle here in early 2016 when I first started vlogging. I thought it would be a great place to start because I loved Oman so much. I was very comfortable here and considered it home,” she said.

The first ride she did in Oman in 2016 was on a Royal Enfield motorbike.

“I rode the coast down to Sur passing by the sink hole and (Wadi) Shab. Visiting Ras al Hadd and looping back up through Nizwa, visiting Jebal Shams, then to Muscat,” she narrated.

She drove a total of 2,500km over a week.

This year, she broke her record covering almost 3,000km in eight days.

“I rode to Rustaq through Wadi Bani Auf, staying up at Jebal Shams. Riding through to the coast, hoping over to Masirah and then looping back to Muscat,” she told Y magazine.

“Be so proud. Be proud of your heritage, your country and its people,” she said, addressing the people of Oman.

“As a nation, you really have set an incredible standard. This is something to celebrate and to keep this essence alive.  As the cities grow, the community expands, instil these values in your children and keep the core soul of Oman alive.  Don’t lose the integrity that Oman is so rich and full of,” she urged. ν

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