Oman Technology: Google releases new range of products

12 Oct 2017
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It’s Google all the way, from smartphone to laptop to speaker to headset. Alvin Thomas takes a close look at the new offerings set to turn heads in the right places.

Pixel Perfect

It’s embarrassing plugging the products of a particular brand, especially when it’s not paid advertisement. However, there’s no glossing over Google’s all-new lineup of products. To be honest, it’s what we tech-enthusiasts have been longing for. Let’s start with the Pixel 2 – Google’s answer to Samsung and Apple. It’s not a real looker, with its dual-tone colour design (tri-tone, if you consider the power button) and large circular camera on the rear, but what it loses in appearance, it gains in specs and performance. For instance, the phone packs a powerful Snapdragon 835 chipset and a staggering 4 gigs of RAM to fullfil all your processing needs. You also get a brilliant 12-megapixel shooter and a full-HD 13cm AMOLED display. And, if the previous iteration of the device is something to go by, the new phone will soon be stamped as the leader in smartphone photography. The phone has large bezels on both ends but sports two stereo speakers on it, thus making it less noticeable. It’s a winner on all fronts and is a must have. Buy it for RO250 from Carrefour after its official regional release.

A Book For Everyone

Believe it or not, the Google Pixelbook is the Chromebook we have been waiting for since… err… the original Chromebook that was revealed back in 2011. It may not look like an Apple MacBook Pro anymore but it boasts of specs even a MacBook could only dream of. You can configure the laptop with either a Core i5 or Core i7 processor and a whooping 16GB of on-board RAM (!) In short, this thing is an absolute beast. On top of all that, you can charge the Pixelbook with a traditional USB-C charger – the same one you use for your smartphones (no, not your Apple) nowadays. The only downside is that the laptop wears a relatively small 31cm diagonal-wide screen. Buy it for RO384 (the same price as an iPhone X) from all leading electronic stores.

Max It Out

If you weren’t happy with your Google Home, you should invest in the all-new Google Home Max. It’s everything your Home is and more (no pun intended). For starters, the Home Max packs two 12cm wide sub-woofers and a rigid housing for deep bass and tricky beats. You also get a tweeter for those crisp and clear audio highs. Of course, like its less endowed brother, the Home Max can also control several of your Google-ready gadgets and also conduct searches and play music for you. Best of all, it looks beautiful and should blend in with your home décor. Buy it for RO154 from after regional release.

Editor’s Pick

Keep Daydreaming

A VR headset featuring as the ‘Editor’s Pick’ over a smartphone – blasphemous, isn’t it? Well, there’s a reason why we love it so much. The Google Daydream View VR headset may always have been the leader in affordable virtual reality headgears out there but it had one shortfall: cheap build quality. The new device addresses that and brings to the table a well-rounded and striking product. Like before, you still get a remote controller to point at things and access several functions. Thankfully, there’s very little light bleeding coming in from the access points, too. It’s perfect! Get yours for a reasonable RO38 from

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