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05 Oct 2017
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When shopping for a projector, consider its brightness as one of its key selling points, despite delivering a larger picture size than the most expensive TVs on the market. Matthew Herbst checks out what’s available, from affordable HD models to high-end offerings on the market.


The BenQ HT2050 works like a dream. Offering an easy setup, including 3D support, the HT2050 can display images with a diagonal of up to 250cm by being only 240cm away from the screen, which is handy and less fiddly when getting to grips with technology. It’s another great option with minimal fan noise and impressive colours to choose from. At from RO270.


The Sony VPLHW45ES is a solid premium proposition that is affordable if you’re investing in a projector that will last. It can display 1080p content, as well as 3D footage. Two further major pluses is its long-lasting lamp (up to 6,000 hours) and the built-in fan that’s incredibly quiet, thank goodness. Image calibration features are available with a robust three-year warranty. Sign me up. At from RO769.


This Epson Home Cinema has a few cheaper options but only offer a resolution of 720p. However, if you shell out a few more riyals you can get yourself the Epson Home Cinema 1040. It offers a much stronger picture quality and can project video at up to 762cm in size. The 1040 is a gamers’ dream because it’s much brighter and has two HDMI ports. The Epson Home Cinema 1040 is still affordable and feature-rich. Go for it. At from RO230.

Editor’s Pick


Meet the Pyle Pro PRJLE55, which is one of the most functional and most affordable home projectors on the market. It has a resolution of 800 by 480 pixels, but also offers 1080p content. You could probably trash your TV with its maximum screen size of 250cm but the quality might not be as crisp as your 42 inch (106cm) LCD or LED, though. At from RO65.


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