Oman Restaurant Review: Crepe Cafe

12 Oct 2017
POSTED BY Alvin Thomas

What do you do if you skip proper breakfast for quite some days and then find yourself in the mellow yellow mood of the morning at a popular restaurant? Just binge, like Alvin Thomas did at Crepe Cafe.

It has been a while (a few months at least) since I headed for a session of breakfast with my buddies. Albeit, I cannot recall the last time I actually indulged in a hearty breakfast. Work has been so hectic that breakfasts have become a luxury. Sitting in my car and munching on a dry slice of bread is my take on “eating like a king” for breakfast.

I’m not complaining, though, because this week I made up for all those skipped meals. My decision to stop by for breakfast was supported by my friend and colleague Matthew Herbst – the Art Director of Y Magazine. Of course, he also decided to join me on my latest quest.

The Crêpe Café outlet in Al Mouj was our point of interest. It is nestled in the heart of Al Mouj, right next to The Walk, and in the immediate proximity of several other restaurants. But you cannot miss the yellow board and fancy outside seating.

The overall ambience inside is quite striking. Everything is yellow – starting from the seats, all the way to the interior lights. While it may blend in with the morning atmosphere, it wouldn’t be very apt for a dinner, later in the night.

Matt and I quickly went through the menu and went on an ordering spree – taking one of each item from the sub-menus. In total, we had six dishes (!): a strawberry fields waffle, stuffed Nutella pancake, herbs and cheese omlette, croque madame, Lotus Nutella crepe and chicken farmhouse crepe.

We decided to wash things down with a serving of spiced tea and a glass of fresh orange juice. Understandably, the waiter was quite surprised with our rather extravagant order.

Sadly, Crêpe Café doesn’t offer you plat du jour where you can choose from a set of exclusive dishes; everything is set and has to be picked from the menu.

Still, the menu is vast and with plenty of options for waffles, pancakes, eggs and crepes. It is also a delight to scour through as there are several images of the foods on it.

The eggs were the first to arrive.

While Matt’s herbs and cheese omelette was freshly prepared and (arguably) very tasty, the star of the day was my croque madame.

The latter comprises two slices of toasted bread stacked between a layer of béchamel, turkey and cheese, topped with a beautiful bull’s eye-styled egg.

I found the bread to be crunchy and the turkey and cheese combination splendid. It was the best croque madame I had ever eaten – and, for once, I cannot top that up with a joke.

Needless to say, it didn’t last on my plate for long, either.

Next to arrive was our chicken farmhouse crepe. As expected, it was succulent – thanks to its generous portion of cheese, mushrooms and fresh chicken. However, if I were to complain, I would have to say the portion is not enough to fill one’s tummy on its own.

Ten minutes later, our main course – the sweet crepes and waffles – arrived. Matt and I concurred that the waffles weren’t worth writing home about as they were soft and “too bready”. Matt said he liked his waffles biscuit-like and crispy.

But the crepes were delicious and mouthwateringly luscious. I understand that it is high praise for a serving of crepes, but they were (hands down) the best crepes I had ever had in my life. Matt agreed with me on that, too.

The crepes were crispy and thin but soft enough for our knives to slide through, and the generous serving on Nutella kept our taste buds engaged.

At no point did I feel like daubing vanilla ice cream (that was provided along with the dish) on the crepes. And that’s high praise from a person who adores ice cream.

In all, both of us were happy with our experience at the restaurant. It may not have the best waffles in town but, hey, now we know why it’s called Crêpe Café and not Waffle Café.

Do stop by and have a serving of crepes to know what I’m raving on about. It’s that great. The bar has been set, folks.

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Crêpe Café Info Box

  • Near The Walk, Al Mouj
  • Opening Hours:
  • 8:30am to midnight
  • (A heavy) breakfast for two: RO26.5


  • 8.5/10 Service
  • 8.5/10 Food
  • 7/10 Ambience

Scrumptious foods and top-class service. Oh, they also have some of the best crepes in town

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