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Oman Game Review: Call of Duty WWII

Alvin Thomas picks out the top game to look forward to this month.

Be it timing or coincidence, the release of the new Call of Duty: WWII game certainly ties in with the ongoing political warfare between… well… you know who. While many conspiracy theorists have already passed their inane judgement on the game, we gamers think that this title will raise the Call of Duty franchise to a whole new level – one that is far and beyond its Microsoft competitor Battlefield.

Rumour has it the game will also incorporate a ‘boots to the ground’-style physics engine, which gets rid of the unlife-like and 90s-Bollywood-action-flick-esque double jumping and wall running styles, and replaces it with more traditional moves.

Keeping in line with realism, the game will also refrain from featuring health regeneration as in the previous iterations of the game; you will have to rely on the in-game medics (mostly squad mates in multi-player mode) to provide you with health kits and even ammunition.

We’re not giving any more details away but do keep in mind that there will also be a very intuitive multi-player mode (if previous versions are anything to go by) and an intricate map. We also hear that you can now take on the role of a spotter (a person assigned the task of spotting enemies and revealing their positions); fun and definitely versatile.

Call of Duty: WWII is due to be released mid-October and should hit the shelves in Oman soon after. I’m getting in the queue for this one, I assure you, assuming of course, World War III doesn’t break out and ruin it for all for us.