Oman fashion: I take pride in representing my country, says celebrity designer Amal Al Raisi

22 Oct 2017
POSTED BY Y Magazine

Celebrity fashion designer Amal al Raisi is one of Oman’s greatest assets. Not only does she showcase her fashion in her country, but also internationally, in fashion capitals such as Paris and Turin. She talks about her life and give young and aspiring designers a push for glory.

“I take pride in representing my country on an international platform and the love and encouragement that I have been receiving from Oman drives me to do better.

Being able to witness women wearing my label is the biggest source of encouragement. Also, social media is a great platform to stay connected and get feedback from my people.

I am honoured to be a motivation for young minds. I would like to advise young women about the importance of having a career. The days that women sit at home are long gone. Follow your dream and be passionate about whatever career you choose.

I would also like to advise to always compete with yourself to be the best of you and to face the hardships that life throws at you with a smile on your face.

My career in fashion began with me wanting a bespoken piece for my wedding. During the journey of creating it I realised my passion. When I started with this career, there were very few designers in Oman and it was a career almost untouched by Omanis.

Therefore, the challenge was not only to make my existence but also to introduce the art of haute couture to Oman. So the struggle was real but I honestly enjoyed every bit of it.

I like to challenge myself from my comfort zone as I move forward from each season. It inspires me to face new challenges and move ahead. The love and support that I get from my family also inspires me to do better.”

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