Eight deaths in Oman due to Seasonal Flu: Ministry of Health

11 Oct 2017
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Oman’s Ministry of Health has warned residents and citizens about Seasonal Flu, which is a severe respiratory infection caused by the flu virus.  The number of Influenza cases has dropped by almost a quarter compared to 2016, but the Ministry of Health has warned residents to be vigilant as flu season approaches.

According to the latest report by MOH, in 2017 Oman recorded 952 cases until October 10, while 1,492 cases were reported in 2016, following which nine people lost lives. in 2015, 25 deaths were recorded due to Seasonal Flu.

The statement also said that eight deaths have been recorded in 2017, all of which are linked to influenza. Most of these cases were in the high-risk groups. Despite the high number of cases, they are still within the normal range compared to previous years.

The symptoms of influenza start to show two days after exposure to the virus: a cough, sore throat, runny nose or blockage, body and muscle aches, headaches, tiredness, vomiting and diarrhea in some people and especially in children. The patient’s condition may deteriorate, especially in the most vulnerable groups, which may lead to death.

Flu infection is spread when you cough or sneeze. Sometimes, the infection can also occur by touching surfaces or objects contaminated with the flu virus and then touching the eyes, mouth or nose.

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