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21 Sep 2017
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Evolved into something incredibly bigger, better and smarter, the second edition of Destiny exposes you to an exciting amount of stuff. Alvin Thomas recounts the shooting and looting.

Destiny 2 is a clear-cut case of how hard work truly pays off. I don’t usually start off reviews with such fervour, but Destiny 2 is an exception; it’s the game I didn’t know I would get hooked on.

And, all thanks to the developers (Bungie) who spent three long years polishing this game to utmost standards. The result is a slick, smooth-flowing and witty game with quirky features and a storyline to match.

From the onset of the game, you’re exposed to an overwhelming amount of stuff (tasks and missions). You still play the role of a guardian –trying to protect the earth from alien races –to keep the last city on earth safe.

We have no idea why aliens would want to invade a crippled Earth but that’s just how it is; the genre – mythical sci-fi – is an uncanny one, if you ask me. Nevertheless, the script writers manage to capture the audience with numerous twists and paradigms in the plot.

Things can get a bit awry if you’re a newcomer but there’s not much of a learning curve; I was in the groove within minutes. In any case, the story, which revolves around the Red War, takes you through four areas that you can explore, introducing you to a different mission, as you go.

There’s also a bunch of optional activities to choose from, including story-like adventure missions, simple loot dungeons called Lost Sectors that lead to hidden areas of the map, and public events and patrols, which are a carryover from Destiny 1.

But if you thought it was just about the story, then you’re wrong: thanks to the uncapped frame-rates and the native 4K resolution support, the graphics are spectacular. I would advise players to max out their computers in order to juice the graphics out of the game. Upon doing so, you will be treated to a movie-like gaming experience.

The physics engine is intuitive and there’s a general sense of unity between the characters and the surroundings.

All in all, Destiny 2 is a superior sci-fi title than its predecessor. And you know what? It could be one of the best that I have ever played in recent times. This is aces in my book. It’s a great game that will be well worth your time. Trust me on this one.

Info Box

  • Developers: Bungie
  • Publisher: Activision
  • Platform: PS4, Xbox One, PC
  • Genre: Action role-playing

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