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Oman Food: Add grapes to your diet

Make a heart-healthy menu with grapes.

Heart-healthy foods can play a role in healthy ageing. Whether you enjoy them by the handful as a refreshing snack or use them to add colour, crunch and a touch of sweetness to a meal, grapes are a heart-healthy option that makes eating healthily easy.

Grapes of all colours – red, green and black – are a natural source of beneficial antioxidants and other polyphenols. They also contain no fat, no cholesterol and virtually no sodium.

With a juicy burst of flavour, grapes show how simple it can be to make dishes that are good for you and also taste great. Even though Californian grapes are a snacking staple in most kitchens, you may not realise how versatile they can be for cooking. For example, grapes add a sweet touch to a crunchy yogurt salad and complement the bold spice on a skewer of grilled shrimp. Fresh, flavoursome grapes even put a tangy, fresh twist on a soothing glass of iced tea.

Find more delicious recipes to make healthy eating easy at GrapesfromCalifornia.com.

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Zatar Shrimp and Grape Kebabs

Servings: 6



Sparkling Hibiscus Tea with Grapes and Mint

Servings: 8