Oman Fashion: Play it cool

14 Sep 2017
POSTED BY Alvin Thomas

Fashion is nothing but an experimental space for a teenager; it’s a phase to try out new and different things. Keep things gleeful with this ensemble, for autumn.

Get the Look: From the high end to the high street, Christine Karan helps you to get the look. Follow Christine on Instagram @Hearmyshoestory

We are sure your teen can’t live without her BFF. It’s time you got them a T-shirt like this from H&M and let them show off their friendship to the world. Shop it at RO5.

Casual tees are a must-have in any teen’s wardrobe. So, keep them funky and (a bit) starry, like this frilled sleeve T-shirt. Buy it from H&M at RO5.

Even socks can spell fashion. Get rid of those boring, regular black and white socks. Get these fun and funky print socks from H&M for RO5, instead.

Most teens love staying on the edge and letting their fashion do all the talking. But, if not, it’s best to stay simple with this soft yet stylish flannel shirt from H&M.

Never bore teens with an ordinary black jean; give them something stylish and edgy like this ripped lace jean from New Look. Now that’s something they will love for sure.

Let your teens go crazy with their hair; it’s the latest fad. These clips from F&F will help them invent their own hairstyle and make a fashion statement. Buy them at RO1.5.

Okay, do they make these in adult sizes? ‘Coz we are loving it. We are also sure teens will go crazy with these stylish and sparkly sneakers. Grab yours from F&F for RO8.

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