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14 Sep 2017
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Having to shave every day may be such a drag for some of the men, but for those who love a well-shorn face, here are six tips to clear the stubble without getting the nicks.

The world of men’s grooming has come a long way in a short amount of time. It wasn’t so long ago when terms like pedicures and manicures were the sole preserve of women, but these days if you’re not moisturising in the morning and exfoliating every other evening you’re in the minority.

Confusingly, then, shaving is one of the oldest practised forms of grooming for men, and yet, despite how much attention we’re now paying to other aspects of our appearance, this is an area many guys still fall down on. Even more confusing is the amount of money the modern chap spends on his skin, while causing it all sorts of damage by approaching the stubble in the wrong way. Keen to prevent more devastation than has already been wreaked, here are our top six shaving tips for those who value a well-shorn face.

Go against the grain on the neck

Despite what Murtaugh tells his son in Lethal Weapon 3, for the closest shave possible our advice is to carefully work against the direction of the hairs on your neck –there’s more of a chance you’ll nick yourself, so only use a new razor, but it’s guaranteed to do the job. 

Hot water opens the pores, cold closes them

Shaving will be easier with open pores, but it’s crucial to make sure they’re closed before finishing. 

Use short strokes

In an ideal world you’d be able to put blade to chin in one position and continue through to the other side in one fell swoop. In reality, though, this doesn’t work very well, if at all, so be sure to take things slowly, and focus on each tiny section of your face in turn. 

Shaving after showering is a good idea

Thanks to the effect of steam and hot water on your skin, there’s a good chance you’ll find it much easier to take off the stubble cleanly, and without mishaps, after you jump out of the shower. And by that we mean immediately after. 

Never dry shave

Imagine putting a razor blade to your skin without any form of lubricant. Well, anyone who has ever felt the need to dry shave won’t have to, because that’s exactly what it entails. The only no-no you really need to know; trust us when we say it hurts.   

Don’t use soap

Shaving creams and aftershave balms are always a good idea, providing you know which ones will suit your skin. In contrast, it’s no longer OK to use soap alone to lather up for a wash, so imagine what it’s doing to your skin when combined with sharp blades.

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