Oman Beauty: Lash ’em up

28 Sep 2017
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Christine Karan shows ways to make your eyelashes look exactly the way you want with minimal effort.

False eyelashes have become an essential accessory in every woman’s make up vanity case these days. Whether you want to enhance your eyes for a day-to-day look or simply want to glam up then choosing the right lashes requires a special skill all its own.

There are many eyelashes available but many don’t deliver what they claim to do. However, here are three brands that really do what it says on the tin, as the British say.

Huda Beauty

Lashes from Huda Beauty are the favourities of celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and J-Lo. According to the Independent website, Huda Beauty lashes “promise full-on glamour and a soft, even finish”. One of the brand’s best-selling styles, Samantha, is double-stacked for extra length, drama and volume. Fixed to a sturdy black strip, the wispy lashes are compact and give your eyes a feathery, fluttery look. Despite all the drama, they’re unexpectedly romantic-looking but best suited to eveningwear. They are made with all-natural fibres, including human hair.

MAC Lashes

MAC Cosmetics is my go-to brand for anything and everything, including lashes. The MAC‘35’ is my personal favourite and also that of beauty writer Sarah Young, who says: “The MAC 35 really enhances your look with most of the length concentrated towards the centre of the eye.  The separate clusters give a Twiggy-esque finish but with a much softer, playful polish. The strip of these lashes is seriously fine, meaning they can be worn without the need for any other make-up and still look amazing.” I couldn’t agree more!

Chelsea 3D lashes

In recent times, I have fallen head-over-heels with Chelsea’s 3D lashes. They not only make my eyes look fuller but the instant glam they give even without eye make up is both perfect for brunch with girlfriends or a night out. The lashes are ultra-fine and cross over to give good volume but also a soft look. They are fixed to a durable black strip for added definition and an eye-opening effect. If you are looking for something that will stay on all night long, this is the one you need to buy. Glam or no glam, these lashes give a very natural look with an added oomph effect that is perfect for both day and night.

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