Y-Fi: Virtual-Reality Gadgets

10 Aug 2017
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Virtual-reality gadgets have brought us closer to believing in science-fiction than ever before. Alvin Thomas takes a look at some of the hottest tech of this year.


The HTC Vive is not just another virtual-reality headset in the market; it’s the best one out there. It is also HTC’s answer to Samsung’s and Sony’s VR headsets, thereby giving the struggling brand some footing in the war between global electronic conglomerates. The Vive is designed for deeper immersion than the Samsung. It does this by making use of two handheld controllers and a total of 32 sensors for full 360-degree head tracking. The only downside is that you need to have a powerful and compatible Microsoft PC or laptop to work with. Get it from vive.com for RO308.

Gear Up

We here at Y love surprises. Therefore, when we got our hands on the all-new Samsung Gear 360 at the launch event of the Samsung Galaxy S8, we were mighty chuffed. The all-new Gear 360 camera shoots and broadcasts live 4K videos with two wide-angle cameras placed opposite each other. The resulting footage can then be stitched together for a VR movie. You can also use it to create some stunning 360-degree photographs. Buy it from the Samsung Store for RO99.9.

Nokia Ozo

When you think of Nokia, your mind immediately wanders back to the days when the company hauled out some of the finest phones of the early 2000s. And even though the brand has made a comeback into the smartphone arena, it still takes the cake for putting together the Nokia OZO camera – a professional-grade virtual-reality (VR) camera – for shooting immersive 360-degree videos VR with surround sound. It comes with eight (2K x 2K resolution) sensors with a field of view of 195-degrees per lens. You’ll need deep pockets though. Buy it from ozo.nokia.com for RO17,000 (yes, that’s right).

Editor’s Pick

Game On

There’s no denying that the PlayStation VR is the best virtual-reality headgear you can currently buy today. It is compatible with a range of games, including some mainstream titles such as The London Heist and Star Trek: Bridge Crew. The list has been growing consistently, too. The PS VR tracks the movement of your head and uses the PlayStation Camera, in combination with your regular PS4 controller or PlayStation Move motion controls, to present a “true” 1080p VR experience. It is currently available as a standalone product with the camera for RO195.9 from luluwebstore.com.

App of the week

See it through

If you’re into VR gaming, then are a slew of games available at your fingertips. But, Vrse Within isn’t one of them. It aims to give readers an insight into information, news, views and comments from top media houses such as The New York Times, the UN, NBC and many others… in VR (!) All the content is available in 360-degree presentations, and you can also interact with the surroundings. So, if you’re watching a news video, you get to be there with the reporter. Cool, isn’t it? Available at Google Play and iTunes for free.

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