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31 Aug 2017
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Whether you’re looking to upgrade your diving gear, hunting for the most innovative sea gadgets or just seeking thrills, Matthew Herbst checks out what’s around to help make the most of your time beneath the sea.


In Issue 483 [August 17, 2017] we featured Snapchat spectacles that we hope you have bought by now. If so, why not make them even more special by turning them into underwater goggles with SeaSeeker? This cool, waterproof scuba mask created by Royal Caribbean lets divers Snapchat their experiences underwater. These nifty goggles allow around half an hour of filming at depths of approximately 46 metres. One small snag is that they aren’t available everywhere other than on Royal Caribbean cruises. Did someone say holiday? At royalcaribbean.com. Price unavailable.


Ever seen those digitally adapted over-under (split-shot) water photos? Yes, they are digitally doctored most of the time. But, you can now break the norm and take real footages with a Dome H5! All you really need after that is a GoPro Hero5 Black, as the Dome H5 is specifically designed to house the camera safely. With the Dome H5’s 6-inch optically correct lens shape, this lightweight camera accessory from GoPole will let you capture the most epic images and videos, both above and below the water, simultaneously. We want one. At shop.gopole.com from RO25.


Yes, it’s a watch, but not just any watch. It’s a stylish and lightweight Suunto D4i Novo, which is an excellent all-around dive computer for all levels of adventure. The upgraded version of the Suunto D4i now comes with a slick and soft silicone strap, optional wireless air integration, and four dive modes: Air, Nitrox, Freedive, and Gauge. At www.diveshop.ae from RO240.

Editor’s Pick


You might be an avid diver, but lugging your gear around can be a nightmare. Then Why not let technology intervene? try out the AirBuddy, which is billed as the world’s smallest and lightest diving gear. You can finally experience the thrills of diving but with the ease and simplicity of snorkelling. The AirBuddy’s unique feature is a tankless design that sports a floating air compressor and a rechargeable battery. This allows users dive at depths of up to 12 metres for approximately 45 minutes. Pre-order one at www.indiegogo.com from RO230.

App of the week


If you are a diver, it’s a must that you have a scuba logbook to keep track of your dive data. But, why not do it online? This way it’s impossible to lose your stats, and you can also pop straight out of the water and log your dive details into your phone. Furthermore, it allows you to add photos and videos as well as share your experiences at the push of a button. With the wallet feature, you can also upload your certifications and ensure they are always on you. Another nifty feature is that you can log the species you have seen, and the buddies you have dived with. Free from itunes and Google Play

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