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24 Aug 2017
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The weather is cooling down and this can only mean more bike rides. Why not add some cool gadgets to make it more fun and safer? Matthew Herbst has scoured around for some awesome ideas to suit everyone in the family.


If you want to go super-cyborg with cycling, then check out these Recon Jet Smart glasses. This super-cool piece of kit displays training metrics, maps, and other data directly on your eyes and has an integrated dual-core processor that connects to smartphones and other fitness sensors. That’s not all folks; it also sports a camera for videos and pictures that can document your races. Very nice. At amazon.com from RO115.50.


Cycling can be a cost-effective way to keep fit. We at Y think the Garmin VivoActive is a great gadget to track your fitness, as it boasts many built-in sports programs that include biking. The ultra-thin and high-resolution touchscreen display is easy to read even in bright sunlight and with its built-in GPS you won’t get lost, either. Furthermore, to keep track of your heart rate during the workout additionally hook it up with a Garmin Heart Rate strap. At amazon.com from RO45.50.


Protecting your head is a must. So why not invest in a LIVALL BH60? It’s a smart helmet with great safety features like lights, an SOS warning alert, and communication. If the gravity sensor senses impact, the LED lights will auto-display SOS signals and your emergency contacts will be notified immediately. The smart lighting system contains six red safety lights at the back of the helmet for visibility and also has eight LED lights that serve as direction indicators. Other cool features are built-in Bluetooth speakers for music, a built-in microphone for phone calls, and walkie-talkie for communication with others in your riding team. At amazon.com from RO45.50.

Editor’s Pick


Meet the LED Turn Signal Gloves from Zackees. It’s the perfect cycling companion and an awesome and safe way to signal to others that you are changing lanes or turning, especially at night. The gloves have bright lumen LEDs arranged like arrows and are made of durable Lycra Spandex with reinforced leather palms that are machine-washable. At amazon.com from RO38.50.

App of the Week


With the ability to browse from anywhere in the world, ViewRanger users can add routes at any given time on any adventure. The in-app purchases allow users to buy premium maps provided by the Ordnance Survey. A big positive of this app is its versatility, which can be used for road-riding, mountain biking, walking and hiking. Available on iTunes and Google Play for free.

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