Voice of Oman: Alvin Thomas on why respect shouldn’t be a one-way street

03 Aug 2017
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Alvin Thomas on why respect shouldn’t be a one-way street.

There’s a beautiful saying that reads: “Don’t expect to receive if you’re not willing to give.” While these words can be associated with various doings in our daily lives, I thought it was time I talked about one that particularly caught my eye: giving and earning respect.

It’s a petulant topic, you see; but one that must be addressed. Recently, during one of my evening walks, I had come across an incident that I thought I must share with you.

It was around 8pm, and I was walking past one of the shawarma shops in Azaiba. Aside from the usual hustle, however, I heard loud voices coming from amid the cars.

I turned back to see an Indian expatriate yelling at a Turkish waiter. Being the nosy journalist I am, I stopped (keeping a safe distance from them) to see what was going on.

I realised that the expat — who kept emphasising that he was a doctor — was shouting at the waiter because he allegedly grazed the paint on his new Range Rover… with his hand (!)

The waiter kept apologising, but the doctor didn’t seem to budge. Soon, the manager of the restaurant was called in, and the doctor was asked to leave without taking his order.

The doctor then began accusing the restaurant of “mistreating” and “showing no respect to customers”, before making a hasty retreat.

So, who’s at fault here? Is it the doctor or the restaurant manager?

While both parties were in the wrong, I think the doctor should have dealt with the incident with more maturity. If he had raised the incident with the waiter without making a scene, then he would have been treated with respect by the restaurant too.

Put this into perspective, and we can solve a lot of the tribulations seen around us. Life is about more than just making our lives better; a lack of respect for one another erodes our community, today. Imagine how much stronger we could be if we simply respected and cared for one another.

It’s a general thought, but one that is of great importance. Think about it.

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