Oman Leisure: Making waves with jet skis

31 Aug 2017
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Hasan al Lawati gets his need for speed from a jet ski, for an aquatic adrenalin rush that’s hard to beat.

It’s a sight one cannot miss: the jet skiers roaring across the visible horizon, jumping upon each and every trough and crest of the waves at the Al Mouj Muscat Marina; riding the sea in perfect harmony, just like a professional motocross biker would ride his motorbike in a BAJA circuit.

Of course, while one sport occurs on land, the other is orchestrated on water.

But in certain ways, the two sports are similar. For starters, both are powered by hefty engines; and secondly, the rider is the backbone of the machine. One false move and you’re hauled off in the air… and subsequently, into the ground, or the water.

The idea of falling off and getting wet, however, was my biggest worry, as I took to the seat of my very own jet ski. I’m not afraid of the sea or anything, but the idea of being hauled into the air and crashing down into the water is terrifying.

But, “all will be well,” instructs Adil al Abri, the owner of UniBoats, before he graciously lends me his many thousand Riyals expensive jet ski.

And you know what? He is right!

Everything goes as planned, and before I know it, I’m taking on the waves like a champion; skidding through the waves and drifting into them like what you see in videos on YouTube.

I also start making dramatic turns, some good enough to give American professional jet skier Elijah Kemnitz a run for his money (or so I think in my head).

It’s just me, the jet ski and that glorious Yamaha engine in the background; it’s pure bliss.

I spend a whole 30 minutes ruling the waves before making a retreat back to land.

After cooling down, I spend a few minutes talking to Adil about his brilliant idea to establish this sport in Oman.

The young Omani entrepreneur says he developed his love for marine life to start at a very young age. And according to him, jet skiing is a “booming business”.

Currently, numerous visitors flock to him for a session of jet skiing in the waters. Thirty minutes on a jet ski will set you back RO16, and the price increments to RO26 for an hour’s worth of watersports.

“The sky is the limit for this industry. Oman is blessed with an endless strip of beaches but we have only eight water entertainment firms so far,” he explains.

UniBoat operates jet ski tours from 9am to 5pm. For more details visit

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